Outdated SEO Methods That Could Be Eliminating Your Positions

Using old-fashioned SEO techniques can not just be inadequate, it can in fact injure your positions. However unless you’re a SEO or content marketing professional, it can be difficult to understand which techniques are current and which must be left back in 2012.

1. Shorter material might be more suitable for mobile users, and given that 7 from every 8 minutes of online media usage now happens on mobile, which tells us that producing mobile-first material is more important than ever. Adding short-form, useful material for your mobile users ought to be part of your content method, however there is no substitute for long-form, comprehensive content that functions as a complete resource on a specific subject.

2. Use anchor text that makes good sense to your readers, rather than planning the best ways to skillfully integrate your keywords into your links. It’s over-optimization that Google penalizes, not the occasional use of keywords in your anchor text.

3. Instead of enhancing for a single keyword, focus on integrating a range of keywords that belong to your subject. A well-written, extensive post will naturally use lots of pertinent and associated words, but some added keyword research is always a smart idea.

There’s no rejecting that a piece of content that goes viral on any social media will certainly tend to accumulate numerous direct links resulting in higher search positions. We also understand content published to Google+ has actually frequently ranked well in Google; but in the wake of current modifications at Google+, it will certainly be intriguing to see if Google takes another look at making use of social signals from other social networks.

When approaching Seattle SEO company for your site, keep in mind that you can never lose by producing a steady stream of top quality content that provides true value to your readers. There is no “quick fix” when it comes to making high positions, and anything that seems to good to be true most likely is.

Instead, concentrate on creating and curating excellent content, keeping your site’s technical compliance and promoting and distributing your material via social media. These are the tricks to high rankings in 2015.